Basic Plus

Perfect For A Starter Website
Original Concepts 2
Design Variations 3
Artwork Quality Basic
Color Variations 5
Designers / Visualizers 1
Revisions 3
Delivery Time 3 Days
As Low As $99

Startup Plus

Fully Functional On A Small Budget
Original Concepts 4
Design Variations 5
Artwork Quality Deluxe
Color Variations 10
Designers / Visualizers 1
Revisions 5
Delivery Time 5 Days
As Low As $199

Business Plus

Unique & Affordable
Original Concepts 6
Design Variations 7
Artwork Quality Supreme
Color Variations 15
Designers / Visualizers 2
Revisions 10
Delivery Time 1 Week
As Low As $399

Corporate Plus

Reliable & Sophisticated
Original Concepts 8
Design Variations Unlimited
Artwork Quality Exclusive
Color Variations Unlimited
Designers / Visualizers 3
Revisions Unlimited
Delivery Time 2 Weeks
As Low As $799


So that your logo can spread the message about the distinguishing characteristics of your business


Professionalism in the quality of the graphics, the printing and the paper on which your materials are printed.


So that your logo looks equally good on both a business card and on a sign for your business (or a billboard!), and at every size in between. Your business's name should be legible at different logo sizes.

Consistency in use

Consistency in use of your logo, tagline, materials. Repetition of similar elements, used in the same or similar ways, helps people to remember who you are and what you do.


Which helps you stand out from the crowd. For example, if everyone in your industry uses a particular symbol (i.e., travel agencies often use globes in their logos), try to use something else

Unity among the different elements

Unity among the different elements in the logo. The logo must fit together as a single unit, and not just appear as a jumble of elements pasted together.